Living Castles

Living Castles

Client: Naiise
Tools: Adobe Illustrator

This is a simulated advertising campaign by Naiise Westgate.

The challenge was to come up with an integrated campaign that will increase more traffic to Naiise Westgate. 

Bringing The Fun Home

The main problem with the store was that it lacked brand awareness. 

Inspired by Westgate Wonderland, the campaign artwork features an abstract kingdom, tessellated together by building blocks- half of them being standard HDB units, and the other half being Naiise products. This tessellation shows how Naiise can be integrated into their daily lives, staying true to their brand vision of bettering people's lives with design. We're bringing the fun from the Westgate Wonderland into their daily lives, for both parents and kids to share. 

Endless tessellations means endless possibilities, allowing endless customisations for people to create a kingdom of their own in their homes. 

The campaign artwork is also highly versatile, allowing it to be easily adapted onto various advertising platforms all around Westgate.

The strategy was to leverage on the high foot traffic in Westgate and direct them down to the Naiise store.

Jurong East MRT Station

Railings near Westgate Wonderland, where our target audience are

Print Ads at the carpark

Online Ads