Branding, WebChin Ting Seet

Women In Energy Asia

Branding, WebChin Ting Seet
Women In Energy Asia

Client: Women In Energy Asia (WiEA)
Tools: Adobe Illustrator

I’ve had the pleasure of working on a visual identity for Women in Energy Asia (WiEA), as part of a simulated branding project for a live client. WiEA is a pioneer organisation in Asia dedicated towards the professional development of women in the energy/ petroleum sector. 

Through the nurturing of female professionals in the industry, they aim to cultivate a more diversified energy sector in Asia. By organising mentoring workshops and events to expand their community’s social outreach, they are opening an avenue for these women to better integrate in the energy industry. 




Fire represents hope, strength, and passion. In the past, people used to light up kerosene lamps, and the burning kerosene could illuminate a dark room for hours. 

This represents their position as a pioneer of such a society, bringing light to the Asian energy sector and as a guiding light for a regional hub to integrate the energy industry.

Lotus Flower

A beautiful flower that rises in the muddy waters and blossoms with grace and elegance on the surface, the lotus flower symbolises direction and perseverance. 

It represents their strong and unwavering support towards nurturing women in energy, and the beautiful outcome after.




The logo represents a blooming and guiding light that the brand will bring, and the tagline expresses how fellow members will be nurtured and empowered by this light. To bloom means to flourish with beauty and elegance, complimenting the lotus flower element, and radiance means a glowing quality and an expression of joy and pleasure, emanating from a source, complimenting the vitality of fire and burst of energy in the logo.  


A live demo (with only Home, About, Events, and Contact working pages) can be viewed here.

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